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"Timm, great resume! Should I have another situation requiring a drummer,
I will be sure to give you a call."
  -John-Paul Gasparrelli,  Music Director, Conductor / Keyboardist
"O" Cirque du Soleil,  Las Vegas, NV

(Timothy Gaughan) "Definitely part of the show,
his style is hard to ignore."

"A pro and yet a virtuoso of the drums."
                       -Musical Director, D.H.

"Rhythmic abilities beyond belief."

"Able to improvise and create a musical part,
yet very personable and reliable."
                                                        -Musical Director, J.H.

"Gaughan's energetic rhythm performance is upbeat and fun."
                        -Review from The Eagle Newspaper, D.L.

"Over the last two years, I have used Timm Gaughan for percussion in
Newman University productions. His performance is always extremely professional.
Timm takes the utmost care to produce the sounds you need and
has a deep understanding of the different musical styles. He is always willing to do
what it takes to make the band a cohesive unit.
His creativity goes beyond the drums sitting in front of him.
He is a "team player". " I highly recommend Tim for any percussion needs."

Mark Clark
Director of Performance music
Newman University

It's been my honor to work with Timm Gaughan. Timm is a professional,
who takes his job seriously. He, accurately and consistently, follows the
direction given. He has a rich blend of talent, skill and experience. He,
also, has a well-honed understanding of the show, as a whole, enabling him
to even improvise, if needed. Tim is consistent and reliable. As a
conductor, when I tell Tim what I need, I know, it's taken care of. I,
eagerly, recommend him for any percussion assignment.

Dennis Riley, Orchestra Director,
Central Community Church, Wichita, KS