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Timm Gaughan
Attitudes may change. Styles will suddenly appear, and vanish just as soon. Music revolutions will arise. Most will not last. But one thing remains certain: someone, somewhere, will need a professional drummer. A drummer who can answer the call for new-old sounds, grooves, and rhythms needed to groove your party band, show or tour!

They will find his name to be Timm Gaughan. Timm Gaughan is a progressive drummer who is constantly creating new grooves, and honing the old ones. Although well versed in a variety of surroundings, Timothy stays in shape musically by playing in all settings. He has played in studios, night clubs, show bands, and musicals. He plays everywhere he can simply because he loves what he does, and his performances are proof of just that.

Timm's love of music is evident in his teaching. He is the Executive Director and Educator at El Dorado Music Lessons in El Dorado, KS There he instructs others on rhythm and the application of music. Timm also continues his own education through personal study. We all start dying the second we stop learning. Therefore Timm has affirmed that he will never die, nor will his music.

The term "military brat" may well have been created with Timm in mind. He's visited and lived in a variety of places, although he calls Wichita, KS home. And through his traveling the globe, he was belated with the opportunity to observe and emulate the rhymes from many diverse regions. Not only has that gypsy-like lifestyle influenced Timothy's style, but it has broadened it as well.

Grabbing two drums sticks and sitting down behind a rented drum kit in the neighborhood garage in the early '80s started it all. By 1984, Timm began touring and studio work with several Wichita and Los Angeles-based bands. Attending school at Wichita State University gave him an opportunity to perform as a session player. He continues to expand his work domains from clubs, pit bands, festivals, show bands on cruise ships, to concert halls. Learning and growing as a human being and drummer is his love and life's work.

The millennium is here. It is demanding new-old sounds, grooves, beats, and attitudes. It just so happens that Timm Gaughan is already there, ready to answer

those demands. Timothy is ready to groove for your party band, show or tour right now so give him a call!



Timothy J Gaughan Professional Freelance Drummer

Ph 316-213-9144